From Adversaries to Allies: 7 Keys to High Performance Cross-Gender Communication

This fun yet practical presentation will accelerate your communication skills across gender. You will discover ways to reframe your cross-gender communication for highly effective results. Men and women have been socialized differently across the globe. This session uncovers the unconscious biases that men and women tend to hold toward each other, and then how to defuse the effect of these biases. This insightful session will help you recognize male/female communication differences without judging them as wrong. You will discover your own communication strengths and determine how to build upon them.

Those who invest their efforts fully in this session will be able:

  • Identify the three most prominent male and female communication tendencies
  • Resist the urge to rely on your past biases regarding gender difference
  • Explore the 5 habits that hinder effective cross-gender communication
  • Manage gender conflict more effectively

The focus of this session is on communication solutions not gender bashing, thus both men and women can enhance their effectiveness.