By Lenora Billings-Harris

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S.T.O.P.℠ – Technique For Reducing Culture Collisions

There are barriers, booby traps, and blocked roadways on our journey toward achieving cultural competence. What do you say to the co-worker who always wants to touch your locks or braids? How do you tell your manager to stop giving you a high-five every time he agrees with something you say? How do you get  your Baby Boomer colleague to stop reminding you that you are too young to know…?

The biggest barrier to giving feedback in these situations is the fear most people have when it comes to speaking up in a respectful way to encourage others to stop insensitive or inappropriate behavior. One of the major reasons people do not speak up more often when they experience inappropriate behavior is because they do not know how to speak up when they have to interact with the offender on a regular basis. If the offender is your manager speaking up may seem too dangerous. If the offender is a colleague in your department, well it is easier just to be silent. Or is it? That silence perpetuates inappropriate behavior.

Lenora’s four-step process called S.T.O.P for giving feedback is easy to understand and it produces successful results that can be used at work, home and even with children. This program can be delivered in person, live, virtually or via e-learning. Contact Lenora Billings-Harris for details. Click here to see a snippet of the process.

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